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From modest beginnings over 50 years ago to national and international achievements, Sowa Tool & Machine Co. Ltd., is one of those true local success stories. What started as a small family run business in Kitchener, has grown substantially over the years.

Sowa has developed a line of balanced CNC tooling manufactured with a modified standard drive slot to properly equalize the weight. This change in tool design enables GS Tooling to meet tolerance machine spindles are made to. GS 40 Taper Tooling can run up to 20,000 RPMs without putting unneeded stress on the machine spindle. Balanced tooling includesEndmill Holders, ER, TG, DA Collet Chucks You will also find a selection of ER Collets , TG Collets, DA Collets and Milling Collets. Tap Chucks & Collets,Taper Adapters, Right Angle Heads, GS Vises and Accessories.



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